How to Type Faster                                   


1. Place your index left finger over the "F" key, and your right index finger over the "J" key.
2. Type the next sentence inside the box using all your fingers.

And the rest is rust and stardust.-Vladimir Nabokov

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How to type Faster

How to type faster

Typing speed is calculated by the number of words typed by minute.

Some basic tips that will help you learn how to type faster:

- Watch your posture/back: If you dont type in the correct posture you dont only wont type faster, you would also get tired faster, not to mention that in the long run it can lead to health problems mainly on your back. Relax your shoulders and hands, your feet should be flat on the floor. If you are going to be doing this for hours a day get the best chair money can buy. The screen should be at eye level, which its something you can do even with a laptop with the help of an external keyboard and mouse.

- Take it easy: download a pomodoro clock app or simply take your time and every 15 -20 minutes take a break, one quick thing to do is hold your hands over your head and streach to the left looking at the right, and then strech to the right looking to the left, this will help you with your back. Here is a playlist of Yoga videos from the master Rodney Yee that I highly recommend:

Desk Yoga by Rodney Yee

Basic rules on How to Type Faster:

1. Your index finger should be on the F and J Keys. You will notice each key has a line bump that you can feel, the reason for those marks is so you can place your hands correctly without the need to look at the keyboard. With the practice of the excercise above you will start to memorize where each other letter is in the keyboard relative to the F and J keys, and most importantly you will start gaining confidence than will translate in speed.

2. The rest keys. If your index finger will be in the F and the J keys the rest of the fingers would be resting in the keys in the same row as the F and J keys, each for each finger. This way your hands will cover all the keyboard in the most efficent manner once you start typing.

3. Your Thumb would be used for the space bar. Duh.

4. Your Little finger is used for the shift button.

Tips on How to Type Faster

Memorize the row of keys where the fingers rest and their relationship to the other keys.

Say the name of the key when you type it to help you memorize it.

Sit upright with your wrists, elbows, and the keyboard aligned on the same plane, and keep your hands lower than your elbows.

Type by hitting each key in the center.

And most importantly.....Practice.

You can bookmark this site with the buttons at the top or simply press on your keyboard Ctrl+D (both at the same time) and a window will pop asking you if you want to bookmark it.

Practice every day and pretty soon you will see that there is no mystery in: How to type faster.

Thanks for stoping by and Have a good one!

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